Enjoy Cannabis

WE ARE A family owned

& operated business

We start with sustainably growing quality cannabis on our river valley farm established over a century ago.

Then it is extracted with CO2 to create strain specific full spectrum bud run extract for optimum effectiveness. Our oil possesses Δ-9-THC, Δ-9-THC-A, Δ-8-THC, THC-V, CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC. This is superior to THC distillate because it’s stronger, it lasts longer, and it effects more senses.


Sativa: -Sour Diesel -LSD -Obama Kush

Indica: -Grand Daddy Purple- Mr.Nice -Obama Kush

Hybrid: -Oregon Cinnex - OG Kush 

We mix it with natural flavors & fresh Oregon spring water to craft a perfect shot every time. 

ENJOY today!